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Home Security Lexington SC

Home Security Lexington SC

ADT Monitoring

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

ADT, LLC. – America’s leading security company, was founded over a century ago. For years, ADT has been the number one trusted source of protection for millions of families, homes and businesses. By signing up for ADT monitoring, you are ensuring that trained professionals with the most sophisticated and innovative security devices – including home security doors – are monitoring your home at all times, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. ADT monitored security systems allow you and your family to take advantage of technological advances like home security camera systems and other high-tech home security products. Many of ADT’s monitoring services aren’t even available from competitors. But, fear not, you will receive an alarm manual to look over if you have questions after your system is installed.


Protect Your Home’s Prices for ADT monitored home security alarm systems

ADT monitoring plan starting at $36.99

After signing up for an ADT monitored security system, a Protect Your Home installation Technician will come out and install the home security system, including wireless sensors if purchased, at your home. This is valued at $850, but with Protect Your Home you can have it installed for under $100*. Protect Your Home also offers monthly ADT monitoring plans starting as low as $36.99.


ADT Pulse®

Ask about ADT Pulse

ADT Pulse gives you the ability to arm and disarm your system, as well as monitor your home for burglary, theft, carbon monoxide, fire, flood or smoke, from almost anywhere with a smartphone, tablet or computer. And you can set up your system to send you text and email notifications and alerts. The future of home security monitoring is here. Learn more…


ADT Monitored Security System Installation Locations

Over 150 locations across the nation

Because we have over 150 home security system installation service centers across the nation, most locations can have an ADT monitored security system installed next day. Once your home is equipped with the security system, it is connected to a network of ADT Customer Monitoring Centers nationwide, delivering non-stop security 365 days a year.
This means you can instantly begin taking advantage of the centers’ staff of knowledgeable professionals utilizing cutting-edge equipment. The moment an alarm signal is received from your home, a notice is delivered to you and local authorities by an ADT professional.


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Home Security Systems

ADT monitored home security system gives you peace of mind by helping protect your home and family. Your home security equipment bundle includes:

• Full-Service Digital Touchpad

Each ADT monitored security system comes with one digital touchpad. Additional touchpads can be purchased and placed in other areas of your home or business for added accessibility. This allows you to check on the state of your monitoring system from wherever you prefer in your home. The digital touchpad included in your ADT monitored home security equipment package provides you with simple, one-touch access to police dispatch, emergency response and firefighters. Make sure to inquire about this component during installation. Features include:

  • Easy-to-read LCD Display
  • Chimes to alert you when doors and windows open and close
  • Bypass ability, allowing you to arm the system when a door or window is open
  • Quick and easy access to police, emergency response and firefighters
  • Two-Way Voice Communication which prevents false alarms by connecting you to the central monitoring station to verify an emergency

• Wireless Keychain Remote Control for Instant Access

The wireless remote puts complete access to your ADT monitored security system right in the palm of your hand. You can quickly arm and disarm your alarm with the push of a button. If there is an emergency or other situation occurring that puts you in danger, the key chain also has a panic alert similar to those available in most modern car alarms.

• Wireless Sensors for Windows or Doors

It is recommended that you include this on all doors and windows on the ground level of your home, windows that are covered by trees or bushes, and any other easily accessible doors and windows that may be visible to an intruder.

• Built-In PIR Motion Sensor

This is an interior feature which uses Passive Infrared (PIR) technology to detect motion in hallways, stairways and other rooms of your home. It is designed with Pet Immunity to reduce false alarms being set off from the movement of a small pet throughout your home.

• Indoor Siren Sounder

These use high-decibel beeps to alert you if there is a fire, intruder or other emergency situation. All ADT monitored security systems include one sounder; additional sounders can be requested from your installation professional.

• ADT Lawn Sign and Window Sticker

Place these in an open area of your yard and windows visible to potential intruders to warn them that your home is protected with ADT monitored security cameras or other equipment.

• Power Supply and Backup Battery

This powers your system and ensures that your system still operates for 24 hours if there is a power outage.